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12 Days Tanzania Honeymoon Safari & Zanzibar Beach

Price 12 Days
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12 Days Tanzania Honeymoon Safari & Zanzibar Beach

per person

For couples seeking romance with a dash of adventure, this 12-day honeymoon in Tanzania and Zanzibar is ideal.

On this lovely honeymoon, you visit Tarangire National Park, where herds of elephants teach you the basics of raising a family. After that, you proceed to Serengeti National Park, where you are met by boundless grasslands teeming with animals. The most gorgeous sunrises may be seen here, perhaps even from a hot air balloon. Later, at the Ngorongoro Crater, you can take the nicest photos you’ve ever taken of your honeymoon. Last but not least, you take a flight to Zanzibar for some classic romance on the island’s sugar-white beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luxurious resorts.

You have the freedom to move at your own pace, just how you like it, on this private safari. A private safari vehicle and driver will be provided for you. The accommodations we chose for you while on your safari are comfortable. If you want something more opulent, pick a hotel in the Gold or Platinum class.

12 Days
5+ Age
  • Departure
    Please arrive by 8:15 AM for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 8:30 PM.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and warm jacket.
  • Included
    Airport transfers
    Drinking water
    English speaking private guide
    Game drives
    Luxurious private 4×4 safari jeep
    Park fees
  • Not Included
    International flights
    Visa Fees
Day 1: Arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport - Arusha
Our guide will be waiting for you at Kilimanjaro International Airport when you arrive. As you travel, you get your first glimpses of Africa as he drives you straight to your lodge. Smell the flowers, hear the roosters, and take in the vibrant streets of Arusha. After checking in to your accommodation, you may unwind by the pool while sipping a refreshing Tanzanian beverage. Greetings, Sana! The height of romanticism, this honeymoon includes a private safari! You will have a private guide and your own safari jeep. Together with your guide, you pick the start and end times of your game drives as well as how long you want to spend observing particular species.
Day 2: Tarangire National Park
In the 2600 square kilometer Tarangire National Park, which is renowned for its large herds of elephants and its century-old gigantic baobab trees, giants are squabbling for your attention. In addition, a variety of different species call this area around the Tarangire River home, so it's no wonder so many people like Tarangire! The guide from Ecoverde Safariss leads you to the finest places to watch elephants after explaining why so many of them choose Tarangire over other National Parks. The best time to visit this national park is during the dry season (June to October), when the Tarangire River draws animals in from a distance. Consider taking a hot air balloon ride to see the elephants from above while you're here if you want to do something unique. It is possible to halt in a charming Maasai community en route to Tarangire. Additionally, if you wish to extend your trip by a day, you may go from Tarangire to Lake Eyasi, where you can spend the morning hunting with the Hadzabe. Living in Tanzania's arid desert, this tribe is still in harmony with the environment.
Day 3-4: Serengeti National Park
In Maasai, the phrase "Serengeti" means "endless plains," and that is precisely what you will witness over the next few days—miles and miles of African savannah! And believe us when we say that it may be the most stunning scenery you have ever seen. Of course, there is a huge diversity of species in Serengeti National Park, which is why numerous nature films were filmed here. Immerse yourself in this distinctive setting as zebras and wildebeests pass by on their Great Migration. Discover lions atop kopjes, or clusters of rocks, leopards in individual trees, or cheetahs searching for a calf among the wildebeests. Pass past gazelles, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, and, if you're lucky, a vervet cat or wild dog. The pinnacle of romance may be found above these plains in a hot air balloon, which can even be heart-shaped! Enjoy a romantic overnight stay in a luxurious safari tent with personnel that understands how to treat newlyweds with a little extra attention, such as at supper. A lion's distant roar or the Great Migration herds' roaring can be heard while cuddling at night. The real safari experience is this! On your trip to or from the Serengeti, you will then pass through the Ngorongoro Highlands, a magnificent area where you can come across herds of giraffes or some local Maasai tribes.
Day 5: Ngorongoro Conservation Area
The Ngorongoro Crater, which is part of the enormous Ngorongoro Conservation Area, may be the most unique location in all of Africa. This area of land, which measures 20 by 20 kilometers and is encircled by a sharp crater edge, is very tiny yet incredibly rich. This many wild creatures on such a tiny scale are unique to the globe; on any given day, 25,000 large mammals may be spotted here! Since a result, you have a good chance of seeing some of the Big Five today, as lions, elephants, and buffalo are common in this area. Last but not least, the crater is the ideal location to see a black rhino because it is home to a few dozen of these endangered animals. The Olduvai Gorge, which has the oldest human remains in the world, is located here, and the Conservation Area itself is considerably larger than simply one crater. While traveling there, you may stop at several lovely Maasai communities and, if time permits, embark on a guided walking safari along the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.
Day 6: A day full of romance!
You will spend the entire day alone with each other in one of Northern Tanzania's most romantic locations. This location has everything a newlywed couple could want, including a stunning infinity pool, a fantastic view, and a nice suite. While you, for instance, go for a romantic candlelight bush supper, the staff will spoil you. This may also be a terrific day for a special outing; you might, for instance, take a lovely drive to the Empekai Crater. You may enjoy a picnic there on the crater rim or further down beside the flamingo-filled lake. You could also find a Maasai wedding appealing, where you once more get married in Maasai fashion. You are married (again) in front of dancing and singing Maasai warriors while wearing lovely Maasai blankets and colorful beaded jewelry.
Day 7 - 11: Zanzibar
Nothing could be more romantic than getting out of your safari jeep, boarding an aircraft, and taking off over an ocean of blue and African land to land on Zanzibar's pearly white beaches. plunge into the ocean or the pool while sipping on wonderful drinks among the palm palms at the magnificent resort. In one of the restaurants, you may order the catch of the day after seeing local fisherman bring it in in their vintage wooden dhows. And if the sun then sets in the evening while you are sitting on the beach and everything is bathed in a crimson light, you know you have discovered a beautiful paradise.
Day 12: Another tropical island or time to go home?
Would you like to prolong your honeymoon on the island of Zanzibar? Or perhaps visit Pemba Island or Mafia Island, two tropical islands? These unspoiled islands, which are a part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, are encircled by some of the world's richest coral reefs. a peaceful retreat on a stunning, uninhabited island in the Indian Ocean. Read everything there is to know about Mafia Island and Pemba Island. On day 12, if you decide to fly home, your driver will take you to the airport to catch your flight.